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How to reduce risks from a hurricane

As hurricane wind speeds climb, the roof cover is the first area where damage typically occurs. In residential and light commercial buildings with pitched roofs, when roof cover is lost, water frequently pours in through gaps between the roof decking or sheathing; this water can easily soak attic insulation. This could cause ceiling collapse, which will ruin most building contents on which the wet insulation and wall board fall... Read more »


Choosing Shutters

Planning ahead will afford the best protection.

Protecting the openings in your home or business i...

Windows and Doors

Protecting openings will reduce the risk of hurricane damage.

Preventing Water Damage

Answer the following questions to help determine areas where water can get inside.

Water damage to carpeting, floor and walls.
When water finds its way inside your home or busin...

Water Damage Checklist

Complete this checklist to determine areas that may be vulnerable to water damage.

Recovering, Repairing and Rebuilding

Resources for life after a disaster.

NEWS RELEASE: Staying Safe During And After Hurric...

Hurricane Resources

Resources for recovering, repairing and rebuilding.

Sealing Gaps

Aging and weather can lead to gaps around the penetrations entering your home and around windows and doors.

Over time, gaps can form in areas such as where wa...

Water Damage Solutions

Guidance for addressing areas vulnerable to water damage.

Step 1

Evaluate the Risk

Carports, canopies, and porches can crumble during...

Attached Structures

Secure any attached structures to minimize your risk of significant damage to your home or business.

Step 1

Evaluate the Risk

Look around your property. Do you have lawn chairs...

Prepare Surroundings

Consider what items around your property could become flying debris in high winds.

Step 1

Evaluate your risk

Garage doors are usually the biggest opening on yo...
Failure of the garage door allows the full fury of...

Retrofits for Garage Doors

Protecting your garage door is critical to the survival of your home.

Rating the States:

An Assessment of Residential Building Code and Enforcement Systems for Life Safety and Property Protection in Hurricane-Prone Regions

News Release Full Report Key Points STATE-BY-STA...

Rating the States

An assessment of residential building code and enforcement systems in 18 hurricane-prone states.

Additional Hurricane Resources